Welcome to Cindys Drawing Club

Join the imaginary world of the Cuddleecats as we draw and color along with Cindy

What is Cindy's Drawing Club?

This club is ideal for women who enjoy the nostalgic feelings of children’s picture books and illustrations from bygone days.

It’s a happy and uplifting place filled with love, joy and laughter where we can escape into the imaginary world of the Cuddleecats while we draw and color along together.

You’ll learn so many new skills naturally while you join in with Cindy as she leads you every baby step of the way, so no prior experience is necessary!

The most exciting thing is…(drum rolls please) we have a really fun and easy-to-use App so there’s no need for Facebook

So come and join us on the adventures with the Cuddleecats for some great fun times together!

Yes! I want to join the club

....are you still feeling a bit unsure?

Maybe you haven’t drawn or colored-in since you were a child.

Did you know that coloring and drawing are great fun activities for adults too?

Are you wondering if you need drawing or coloring experience to join our club?

My draw-alongs and color-alongs are purposely designed for all levels of ability so it’s perfect for you even if you’re a complete beginner.

Do you remember coloring-in when you were a child, with those annoying, scratchy, pale pencils that just broke all the time?

These days we can buy the most beautiful pencils and coloring-in mediums that are so pretty, bright and easy to use.

Are concerned about having to buy expensive art materials?

In our club you’ll be given plenty of ideas for alternatives so that you can even buy your supplies from your supermarket if you need to. 

Are you worried others will be better than you at drawing and coloring?

Everyone in the club is at a different stage on their journey. No one is competing here. Our goal is to support and encourage each other to just color and draw more often and so much fun together along the way! 

Maybe you think you don’t have the time?

There's no expecations on you at all. You can draw as often or little as you like. 

It's purely optional to show up to the weekly and monthly live zoom gatherings. Live shows are recorded so you can watch them when (and as often) as you like. 

To sum it all up...

You'll be so happy coloring and drawing in here with us. We’ll all cheer you on no matter what drawing and coloring attempts you share with us into the group. 

Because in our eyes, you’re already a winner just for joining in the fun and being here with us!

Heres what our club members have to say to you about our club:


Amanda Schroder - Brisbane Australia

"I love that in Cindys Club you can do things at your own pace.  I love seeing your characters come to life through illustration and creative building.  I love seeing everyone sharing their efforts and having a go.  I love having the opportunity to learn new techniques with new mediums.  I love how getting immersed in the activities takes you away from everything else for just a little while."

Alison White - UK

"Loved the Zoom today. Thanks so much for finishing your drawing for us Cindy, you’re a star. Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. So nice to see everyone xx."

Sounds Amazing Let me join now!

By the way...who is Cindy?

Hi everyone I'm Cindy Wider, an artist, author and illustrator living in Cairns Far North Queensland Australia with my loving husband Stuart, our two teenage daughters, our much-loved pet dog Jet and cheeky cat Wednesday. 

I'm the creator of the Cuddleecat Family and Friends characters. The Cuddleecats are a family of 7 kittens with a mum who owns a fashion label company in the big city and a Dad who is a musician. They live in an imaginary secret village surrounded by fun characters such as Mr Ted Maple the bear, Mr Andy Snufflewood the Badger, Miss Daisy Nibbles the rabbit, Mrs Henrietta Quill the Hedgehog, Mrs Margurite Featherbottom (bo-tom) the Hen. She's the Mayor's wife so she knows everything and everyone!

The Cuddleecats are inspired by a time we spent living in the Northern English countryside for 5 years spending time with Stuart's family. At the moment I'm working on my first children's picture book series after giving up an award-winning gallery-selling fine art career that spanned over 25 years. 

Through creating my characters and sharing my knowledge in this club, I love encouraging women to enjoy the happiness and joy of childlike wonder along with me. It gives me so much pleasure to see others also creating their own original characters and imaginary worlds too! 

I've been drawing, writing, coloring and helping others to learn how too for more than 30 years. Drawing and sharing my knowledge has been my full-time career since I was 23 (and I'm now in my 50's.) Life is great and I'm loving it more than ever! Drawing has kept me happy all these years and I look forward to doing this forever. Come join in the happiness and fun. See you in the club!

...so what's inside the club Cindy?

Cindys Drawing Club (Yearly Membership)

More added regularly (+)

  • Regular twice-monthly Live Zoom Events (1 to 3 hours each) with recordings - join in and learn something new in every event. Meet up with your drawing club friends from all around the world and share your drawings with each other.

  • Daily Chat Cafe - create a post to share your drawings, favourite flowers, gardens cooking, holiday snaps and craft hobbies with your new friends daily or whenever you feel like. 

  • In the Activities section you'll find loads to do: Cindy Wider’s Cuddleecats Character + book process/development - come behind the scenes into Cindy’s private studio. Escape into an imaginary world as you see images and the creation processes of her new book illustrations.

  • Learn to Draw in 60 Seconds - Full HD video recorded courses and printable course booklets (including Woodland Animals) 

  • Color-alongs with Cindy in inks, coloured pencils, marker pens, watercolour pencils and more. Full HD video recorded courses that take you step by step through many wonderful colouring projects recorded at a pace you can keep up with (including printables.) Currently 104 videos with more added regularly.  

  • Draw-alongs with Cindy - Full HD Video Courses: 15 videos (more added regularly) 

  • Hints Tips and favourites - For all levels of ability this section is loaded with valuable professional artists techniques, methods and secrets that Cindy uses in her daily art practice.  

  • Fun Printables and Coloring in images to share with your friends, children and grandchildren.

  • Step by Step PDF booklets (for some course activities where needed.)

TOTAL VALUE Over $4,000 USD per year!!!

Your extra special price = $149.99 usd (per year)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Let me in the Club Cindy

Cancel any time - no contracts

With Cindys Club,  you’re going to absolutely love coming into the wonderful imaginary world of the Cuddleecats and have great fun and laughter with your new friends from all around the world.

If you don't absolutely love the value you’re getting from the club, the Cuddleecats and Cindy will be sad to see you go, but all you have to do is just unsubscribe before your 3-day trial ends. There’s no contracts and no obligation to stay with us.  

With that all said, I’m sure you’ll see that you have everything to gain with this potentially life-changing experience!


Shirin Shamsi - Illinois USA

"As an author who dreams of becoming an illustrator one day, Cindy’s Club keeps me connected, motivated and inspired. Cindy’s daily encouragement, with draw-a-longs, color-a-longs makes it seem possible that I too can become an artist, even as someone who doesn’t have an artistic background.

The caring community, the live shows all provide much needed support. Watching Cindy’s own picture book creation is the most wonderful learning experience. Cindy’s generosity of spirit and support has allowed me to come closer to my dream, a dream I once believed to be elusive.

I’m so grateful I found this wonderful club."

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